Lightweight meets strength: Discover the revolutionary Air Chamber Panels.
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Maximum load capacity. Minimal weight.

Whether for exhibition stands, packaging, transport containers, or interior linings, whether in high-rise or civil engineering, or in the furniture industry, with Aircell® air chamber plates, there are no limits to your imagination and your structural ideas. Thicknesses from 3 to 15 millimeters, colors and dimensions as desired, as well as various surface coatings are possible.

Types of Aircell

5mm / 2000g 9mm / 2300g
10mm / 2500g 10mm / 3000g
10mm / 4000g 10mm / 5000g
15mm / 5000g 16mm / 6000g

Air Chamber Panels / Structural Chamber Panels

  • World Champion in Weight: Our patented 3D structure allows for a drastic reduction in weight – up to 70% lighter than solid plates.
  • Unbroken Strength: Despite their lightness, Aircell panels impress with a load-bearing capacity that is second to none.
  • Adaptability: Whether for storage, transport, packaging, or architecture – Aircell adapts to your needs.
  • Indestructible: Resistant to the most common factors of wear such as dirt, moisture, and rot.
  • Cost Efficiency at its Best: Maximum performance at competitive prices.
  • 100% Recyclable

In a world where performance, sustainability, and efficiency are in demand, Aircell offers a benchmark-setting solution. The patented air chamber plates are not just a product, but a forward-thinking solution that elevates customer value to a new level.

What makes Aircell so unique? It’s the combination of lightness and utmost stability with the economy and application flexibility that our customers need. It’s more than just a plastic plate – it’s a comprehensive solution that meets the requirements of our customers, whether in transportation, architecture, or the packaging industry.

The true artistry lies not only in product development but also in the ability to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. From custom color and surface design to special coatings and dimensions, Aircell provides the flexibility and adaptability you need to efficiently tackle your challenges.


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Aircell Interlayers:

More than just a plate. Our interlayers offer flexibility in shape, color, size, and surface, specifically tailored to your requirements.

Aircell Customized:

A universe of possibilities. Whether for exhibition stands, packaging, or high-rise construction – with Aircell, you turn your visions into reality.

Choose from:

  • Weights: A full spectrum.
  • Colors: A variety of options.
  • Coatings: Whether textile, fleece, or decorative film, we have what you need.

Contact us now by phone, email, or form and schedule an appointment with the specialist for reusable transport and storage containers. Wi-Sales Aircell air chamber panels and interlayers are the ideal partner when stability and weight saving are important.

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