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Aspect Details
Product variety Versatile solutions for large and small load carriers
Customized products Customizable packaging options
Sustainability Ecologically sustainable manufacturing processes
Global reach International presence and partnerships
Cross-industry applications Applicable in automotive, electronics, agriculture and more


About wi-sales and its product philosophy

wi-sales GmbH stands for innovative and high-quality packaging solutions. With a focus on large load carriers and reusable transport containers, the company offers a wide range of products that are specially tailored to the needs of various industries. The philosophy of wi-sales is based on the combination of functionality, quality and sustainability.


Our product categories

ThorPak® systems

The ThorPak® range represents the core of the wi-sales product line. These systems offer versatile solutions for large load carriers and are characterized by their robustness and durability. The various models such as ThorPak Medium T, ThorPak Light ST/Heavy ST and ThorPak Quattro are suitable for different areas of application.


Small load carriers and custom-made products

In addition to the ThorPak® systems, wi-sales also offers small load carriers and custom-made products. Products such as ThorPak Genius and ThorPak FSC are ideal for smaller transportation tasks. Custom-made products such as ThorPak carrier systems and ThorLock are manufactured to customer specifications.


Sustainability in production

wi-sales attaches great importance to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The company demonstrates its commitment to environmental protection by using green electricity and implementing recycling processes.


Areas of application

wi-sales products are used in numerous industries. This ranges from the automotive industry to agriculture and electronics. The versatility of the product range enables companies from different sectors to use efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.


Global presence and partnerships

Thanks to its global orientation, wi-sales can serve customers worldwide. International partnerships and the ability to respond to cultural and logistical differences make wi-sales a reliable partner on the global market.



wi-sales offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions tailored to the specific needs of different industries. The combination of innovative technology, customized products and a strong commitment to sustainability positions wi-sales as a leading company in the packaging industry.


Product name Category Description Picture
ThorPak Medium T GLT Large load carrier ThorPak Medium T
ThorPak Light ST/Heavy ST GLT Large load carrier ThorPak Light ST/Heavy ST
ThorPak Quattro GLT Large load carrier ThorPak Quattro
ThorPak Individual GLT Large load carrier ThorPak Individual
ThorPak wiring harness GLT Large load carrier ThorPak wiring harness
ThorPak Genius KLT Small load carrier ThorPak Genius
ThorPak FSC KLT Small load carrier ThorPak FSC
ThorPak Solution Steel GLT Large load carrier ThorPak Solution Steel
ThorPak sea container GLT Large load carrier ThorPak sea container
ThorPak carrier systems Special Custom-made products ThorPak carrier systems
ThorLock Special Custom-made products ThorLock
AirFrame plastic top frame Special Custom-made products AirFrame plastic top frame
ThorPak One-Way GLT Large load carrier ThorPak One-Way
ThorPak Corner Accessories Packaging accessories ThorPak Corner
ThorPak Buckle Accessories Packaging accessories ThorPak Buckle
ThorPak battery GLT Large load carrier ThorPak battery
ThorPak battery range GLT Large load carrier ThorPak battery range
ThorPak Battery Small Battery Battery container ThorPak Battery Small
Aircell panels Aircell Plastic panels Aircell panels

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