ThorPak Quattro

One container, endless possibilities
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Maximize storage space, optimize efficiency 

wi-sales ThorPak Quattro large load carriers Transport and storage containers
  • 100% recyclable
  • up to 4000 x 1200 mm
  • Available in your corporate colors
  • ergonomic handling
  • Volume reducible
  • Poka Yoke System


– individual sizes
– textile, foam and plastic layers
– multiple layers of compartments possible
– printable
– stackable
– steel reinforcable

Discover the ThorPak Quattro, the innovative large load carrier that will revolutionize your storage and transportation needs! With an impressive internal volume compared to traditional empty ring options, the ThorPak Quattro is the optimal solution for a wide range of your company’s needs.

The simple locking mechanism and easy to fold Poka Yoke system allow the container to be opened and closed effortlessly, even in sizes of 4000 x 1200 mm – all by just one person! No additional empty rings are required and the height of the storage space can be individually adjusted. All-round forklift collision protection provides additional safety during handling.

The options are virtually limitless: custom sizes, various inserts such as textile, foam and plastic compartments, multiple levels of compartments, printability, stackability and even steel-reinforced versions are available.

The ThorPak Quattro is your key to more efficient warehousing and logistics.

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