ThorPak Buckle

The sustainable, reusable alternative to conventional adhesive tape.
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Simple. Fast. Secure. Colourful – Discover how ThorPak Buckle is revolutionizing packaging.

Wi-Sales ThorPak Buckle: a packaging aid and cardboard solution, an alternative to adhesive tape.

The advantages of ThorPak Buckle are clear:

  • Reusable and sustainable alternative to adhesive tape
  • Reduces the need and cost of adhesive tape
  • Saves time in refilling tape guns and in opening and closing boxes
  • Available in various vibrant colors
  • Offered in two sizes with optional anchor security
  • Encourages the reuse of undamaged boxes
  • Available from as few as 50 pieces


Medium Large

Experience innovation with ThorPak Buckle, the reusable and colorful solution for all your packaging needs. Available in vivid colors like black, neon green, blue, yellow, and red, ThorPak Buckle adds a touch of color to your packaging process. It’s ideal for businesses, online retailers, or small trades that constantly load and unload cardboard boxes, offering a sustainable, efficient, and cost-saving option.

ThorPak Buckle comes in two sizes: the medium version measuring 109 x 89 mm, while the larger version at 145 x 120 mm provides even more security and can optionally be equipped with an anchor for added protection. And the best part: they are available starting from just 50 pieces!

Say ‘Goodbye’ to traditional adhesive tape! With ThorPak Buckle, sealing the bottoms and halves of cardboard boxes becomes a quick and easy process, saving you not only time but also the cost of adhesive tape and its refilling.

But that’s not all. ThorPak Buckle minimizes the risk of injuries from knives and damage to contents by box cutters. It also saves valuable time when reopening and resealing boxes. And by reusing undamaged boxes, you contribute to environmental protection while also reducing your costs.

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