ThorPak battery pallet

The new era of battery safety for end-of-life batteries
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Discover the next generation of battery storage and transport – “green”, end-of-life, recycling

wi-sales - ThorPak battery pallet


2700 x 2000  


  • Specially designed for end-of-life batteries: Perfect for recycling and disposal.
  • Robust and safe: Adapted to the needs of heavy e-vehicle batteries.
  • Stackable: For efficient handling and storage
  • Foldable for return transport
  • Integrated lashing strap
  • Optional: Aircell side walls
  • Sustainable: Reusable and environmentally friendly.

The ThorPak battery pallet revolutionises the transport of electric vehicle batteries destined for recycling or professional disposal. The robust and innovative design of the pallet ensures efficient and stable handling, specially designed for the specific requirements of end-of-life batteries. Its durability and the possibility of complete recycling emphasise the focus on environmental protection. The ThorPak pallet offers an optimal and environmentally conscious solution for the safe transport and storage of batteries at the end of their life.

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