Get more out of your pallets – with ThorLock

wi-sales ThorLock wooden pallet or plastic pallet becomes a foldable transport container after simple assembly
  • 100% recyclable
  • individual dimensions available
  • stackable
  • also available in your corporate colors
  • ergonomic handling
  • up to 80% volume reduction


0806 1208
1210 individual


Transform your old pallets into modern, stackable, and volume-reducible reusable containers with the ThorLock system from wi-sales. Our innovative system allows you to repurpose existing wood, plastic, or metal pallets efficiently.

ThorLock is easy to assemble and offers a cost-effective solution for transporting and storing your goods. The system’s container rings are available in various designs and sizes, ensuring optimal volume for your transportation needs. You can choose between models with or without a loading flap, tailoring the system to your specific requirements.

All components of the ThorLock system are 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your transportation and storage needs. By adopting ThorLock, you not only enhance your environmental sustainability but also improve your operational efficiency and profitability.

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