Aircell® Air Chamber Board

Incredibly tough, incredibly simple, incredibly cheap! - this is Aircell® our patented plastic sheets from wi-sales - a leading German innovator in the plastic industrie.

Our super-stable, ultra-light boards are one-third the weight of solid boards, but equally as strong and less expensive.


The coloured surfaces or individual print, determine the execution, by additional features such as an anti-slip coating, textile / fabric finishing, you determine the use.

Our lightweight 15/5000 and 16/6000 Aircell®chamber boards are uniquely manufactured, and consideredour most versatile board for many applications and challenges.

  • Thermoforming air chamber board, PP, PS, ABS, HDPE or PC
  • Ultra light at extreme stability (only 30% of the weight of a solid plate)
  • High compressive and impact strength


The use of Aircell® plastic sheets have virtually no limits

Shipping, packaging and storage solution

  • Foldable multi-carrier
  • Sleeves for foldable containers
  • Layers / inserts
  • Stacking containers / Special packaging

Processing of plates

  • Load floors / sidewalls
  • Covers / spare wheel / trunk
  • Display / partitions
  • Luggage deposits
  • Billboards

Aircell® Sleeve

Aircell® Sleeve, no matter what the requirements, whatever the shape, colour, size, panel thickness 5 - 17 mm, unloading flap or loading port, with  lock or not, collapsible or not, with or without print – we can provide the product you need.       


  • Sleeve in one piece
  • Sleeve two piece / C-Sleeve / U-Sleeve
  • M-folded / Z-folded
  • Sleeve with 1 Flap / 2 Flaps / 4 Flaps
  • Print
  • Stickers
  • Labelholders
  • RFID